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Welcome to
Heart, Sweat & Soul  
with Georgie!

The most fun you’ll have while sweating.


Laughing while you’re exercising! That’s what Georgie brings to the table. 

With infectious positive energy, superb knowledge, warm care and total commitment to getting the best results, Georgie's signature classes leave you and your team with the kind of smile that lasts for days.

​ Whether it’s yoga that kickstarts their metabolism, high intensity workouts that get their endorphins flowing or meditation to improve their mindset, your team can choose their own fitness adventure with Georgie’s unique and complete wellness solution. 

Explore yoga classes, meditation, group workouts, individual sessions and the renowned "Carport of Death" Strength and Cardio fitness classes with our new online membership for corporates. 

Georgie’s heart-pumping, sweat-dripping, soul-soothing programs will help reduce employee stress, boost self-confidence and happiness, enhance mental performance and catapult workplace productivity.

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business so let’s get their blood pumping!

'Using your gifts and talents to keep us all feeling great in this chaos is such good heart service work.' - Dee Dee Skelton


Heart, Sweat & Soul:
How It Works

Too often, we’re busy looking after everyone else (partners, kids, friends) and slogging it out at work, we push self-care and wellness waaaay down the priority list.


If you and your team want a fun and inspiring way to move your body, lower your stress, eat better, feel better and just be better, then Heart, Sweat & Soul is for you!


Come get the fitness training, mindfulness, wellness coaching and support you need to tap into the heart and soul of you.

Georgie’s Heart, Sweat & Soul is different to your average corporate program.

Train at home, work or the gym

Use your own body weight to get fit (with an option to use weights if you wish)

Go at your own pace whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player

Dive into classes that get your heart pumping, make you drip with sweat or soothe your soul (your choice)

Find your groove with dance classes – think Zumba with a cool hip hop vibe

Enjoy fresh recordings each month, with classes in cardio, yoga, core, dance, hybrid workouts and specialised fitness sessions. The recordings stay up so you can keep accessing your favourite ones.

Our corporate membership solution is a one-of-a-kind complete wellness program for your greatest asset, your employees. 

When you sign up, you and your staff can enjoy access to fitness and yoga classes on demand like no other where Georgie will make you sweat, smile, cry, laugh and haul you through your paces so you and your team are not only fit for work, you’re fit for life! 

With years of yoga and fitness training under her belt, Georgie offers yoga classes, body weight resistance workouts, interval training, meditation, dancing and more. 

Members can choose from 100s of classes from a world class instructor who infuses everything she does with a massive dose of inspiration, a big bunch of crazy dance moves and a whole lotta Zen.


Sign up to the membership platform and access individual classes and programs at your leisure with zero to minimal equipment required.

With our corporate wellness membership package, you and your team can:

And we don’t do boring here. The key difference with Heart, Sweat & Soul is the fact that your team can choose their own wellness groove from week to week. 

With a variety of classes from cardio and weights to dance, yoga and meditation, you can tune into what will serve you and your goals, without the usual overwhelm that exercise programs can bring.

Starting August 2021, Georgie will be online and live! Enjoy regular tips, motivation and support from a fun, heart-centred fitness and yoga instructor with live weekly Q&As.


Jacqui Jubb

"Georgie is nothing short of a miracle worker! The best PT I have had in my life. She is bursting with energy, is a beautiful person and gets results - and it’s ridiculously good fun working out with her! Do it."


Julian Garner

"Infectious positive energy, superb knowledge, warm care and total commitment to getting the best results. 100% recommended. Did I mention FUN?!"


Lisa Jan

"When I think about Georgie, all I can do is smile. She is one of those gorgeous humans that lives her truth and makes you want to be a better person."


Suzie Henry

"Laughing while you’re exercising! That’s what Georgie brings to the table. I’ve joined her yoga class - out in nature and so peaceful. I’ve also started her sprint/boxing class for high energy cardio and more laughter. She’s a keeper."

Why Wellbeing Will Help Your Team Get Fit and Flourish

We sometimes resist fitting exercise into busy working schedules. And, well, because life happens.

But studies have shown that exercise not only enhances overall wellbeing, it improves time management and productivity by a whopping 70%. 

Not only does it reduce chronic stress and combat fatigue, it also improves our mental, clarity and focus, lifts our mood and means far fewer days off work. 

And when you combine fitness training with yoga? It gets a whole lot better. 

Studies have shown that yoga has positive effects on self-esteem and motivation, and in turn, increases a person’s ability to cope with stress, enhances their creativity, gives them better problem solving skills and much higher energy levels.

Meet Georgie

Certified Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher & Personal Coach. Passionate, vibrant, energetic, red headed, ball of love!

A personal trainer like no other, Georgie lives and loves with her whole heart. This is expressed beautifully through her teaching, training and general care for people. 


With an energy, warmth and smile that is truly contagious, your employees will leave her classes with a bounce in their step and be just a little bit more in love with themselves and the world once they’re done. 


An international dragon boater for 10 years, Georgie’s remarkable physical strength saw her trial the course for Ninja Warrior on Cockatoo Island for two years straight without missing an obstacle. 


A qualified life saver with a Diploma of Fitness and Yoga Institute certification, Georgie has trained everyone from working Mums to elite athletes and has competed in every land and water event at Surf Life Saving Championships. 


Fresh air, sunrise, ridiculous dancing and long deep conversations are four of her favourite things. 


Georgie keeps busy working, dancing, diving in the ocean, loving with her whole heart and raising her gorgeous son. Her incredibly talented chef and musician husband shares the same love, appreciation and zest for life.

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Inspire your team to find their groove and be the best they can be today. Join us on Heart, Sweat & Soul.

'The balance of training hard, but also knowing when and how to slow down has been a crucial part of my journey. Having grown up in a very dysfunctional and violent home, I developed a slightly unhealthy habit around perfectionism and control (mainly in relation to my body and what it was capable of). This was a great drive in order to be the top Australian female in every sport I tried, but growing and learning and hurting and healing... was so much more satisfying, and truly a gift to be able to find and explore a much more vulnerable side of myself.' - Georgie Way

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