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Trial Georgie's awesome online program, Keep Movintoday!

Subscribers get 5 hours of fresh recordings each week, with classes in cardio, yoga, core, dance, hybrid workouts and specialised fitness sessions. The recordings stay up, so you can keep accessing your favourite ones.

Also the option to buy 3 cardio workouts for just $18

There are so many package options available:

Core Challenge for just $62

12 days of Yoga for $29

Get on the GainTrain for $38 a month (just weights classes)

21 day challenge for $99 (rated: Hard)

Yoga to suit you for $20 a month

Bodyweight Blitz for $38 a month (all bodyweight)

Advent Calendar for just $44

Pilates Ring Package for $60

To find out more details - head to Payment Plans

*access to these packages does not include the livestream zoom classes


Hi, I’m Georgie

Certified Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher & Personal Coach

Passionate, vibrant, energetic, red headed, ball of love!


Georgie lives and loves with her whole heart. This is expressed beautifully through her teaching, training and general care for people. Her energy and smile is contagious - and most people leave her classes a little bit more in love with themselves and the world. 

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This is

Georgie Way Fit

The most fun you've had while sweating.

Laughing while you’re exercising! That’s what Georgie brings to the table. With infectious positive energy, superb knowledge, warm care and total commitment to getting the best results, Georgie's signature classes leave you with the kind of smile that lasts for days.

Explore yoga classes, group workouts, individual sessions and the renowned "Carport of Death" Strength and Cardio fitness classes online today!

"Using your gifts and talents to keep us all feeling great in this chaos is such good heart service work." Dee

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Jacqui Jubb

"Georgie is nothing short of a miracle worker! The best PT I have had in my life. She is bursting with energy, is a beautiful person and gets results - and it’s ridiculously good fun working out with her! Do it."


Julian Garner

"Infectious positive energy, superb knowledge, warm care and total commitment to getting the best results. 100% recommended. Did I mention FUN?!"


Lisa Jan

"When I think about Georgie, all I can do is smile. She is one of those gorgeous humans that lives her truth and makes you want to be a better person."


Suzie Henry

"Laughing while you’re exercising! That’s what Georgie brings to the table. I’ve joined her yoga class - out in nature and so peaceful. I’ve also started her sprint/boxing class for high energy cardio and more laughter. She’s a keeper."

Georgie Way Gradient Web (1).jpg


Find the perfect class for you. 4 classes are still available online, however there are plenty of "in the flesh" spots available too. You can pay for classes online, with the option to purchase a one-off session,10 pack, or 5 pack. You will recieve the live class link prior to your session.



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